As a woman in the male dominated field of motion graphics, I've long felt the lack of an equal representation is anything but satisfactory. In 2017 I therefore decided to dedicate as much of my free time as possible to try and help create a more equal, safe and fair motion industry. The links below show some of the efforts I've made to try and make that happen.
I really believe that if we all help out together, we can move mountains.

If you want to hire me for workshops, lectures, or just want a chat about the industry,
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Interview with Metro

2017 - Stockholm
Earlier last year I was asked by the renowned newspaper Metro to do a shorter interview about being a female animator. I got the great chance to share my views on the man dominated animation industry as well as share some useful tips to any and all aspiring female animators.


Published in Pictoria Volume.1

2018 - Hardcover Creative Directory
I got the honor to have some of my illustrations published in the hardcover book Pictoria Volume.1
Accompanying the illustrations is also a text, with some more facts about me and my work.
If you're curious, you can read the text here.


Guest lecture at NTI Highschool

2017 - Stockholm
A while back I was invited to the highschool NTI Gymnasiet in Stockholm to hold a lecture in front of their art and media students.
I got the opportunity to tell them a bit about my career path, my view on the gender gap in the industry and show them how fun it can be to animate everything from avocados to crabs.

kajsa illustration.png

Interview with Capsules Book

2019 - Independent Publisher
Since I am deeply passionate about promoting equality in the motion graphics industry, I recently got the honor to be interviewed by Capsules Book about my mission to promote equality in the motion graphics industry. Read the whole article here.


Interview with Ballpit Magazine

2017 - Online Magazine
Last year I was happy to be interviewed by Ballpitmag about what my life is as an illustrator. I got to talk about my process, how it is to draw art as kajrasart and maybe a thing or two about my personal life. Read the whole article here.


Interview with Future Artist Blog

2017 - Online blog and social media
A while ago Future Artist Blog reached out to me asking if I would like to do an interview with them. They asked me about what my art means to me and what my process looks like. In the article you can also read more about my artwork Summer Memories and why I chose that particular illustration to accompany the interview. Read the whole article here.